Isaiah Rashad’s Lil Sunny’s Awesome Vacation tour

NEW DATES: Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, the Canadian leg of @isaiahrashad’s “Lil Sunny’s Awesome Vacation Tour” has been rescheduled to May.

Previously purchased tickets will be valid for the new dates.

RAPSEASON and MODO-LIVE are proud to present the Canadian run of Isaiah Rashad’s Lil Sunny’s Awesome Vacation tour. The 10-city tour will see Isaiah bring his critically-acclaimed album The House Is Burning to life, starting in Vancouver on May 10 and ending in Ottawa on May 25 .


Much like a novelist, Isaiah Rashad poses a question and makes a statement with the title of his second full-length album, The House Is Burning [Top Dawg Entertainment]. The implication is, “The world is in disarray” (which it always is). The inquiry is, “What are we going to do about it?” Well, the Chattanooga, TN-born and Los Angeles-based artist does what comes naturally. He ponders, he writes, and he raps.

It’s simple, but so much more…

“To me, the title sounds like a book—not a rap album,” he smiles. “I’m really writing my life. The world’s on fire, but nobody cares. It’s an observation. The House Is Burning, so are you going to run in there and get your trophy from a couple of years ago and those shoes you like? Or, are you going to move on? Can you grow for yourself? Am I going to sacrifice myself for some old shit? No, I’m going to move on,” he answers.

After breaking a five-year creative silence, he returned earlier this year with The House Is Burning. Drawing inspiration from favorite authors such as Stephen King, the lyricism takes the spotlight, especially on the menacing first single “Lay Wit Y’a” [feat. Duke Deuce]. Claustrophobic bass and haunting keys underscore his breathy rhymes before Duke wilds out with a fiery cameo. Meanwhile, throwback horns bleed into skittering siren-laden production on “From The Garden” [feat. Lil Uzi Vert]. Isaiah’s syncopated delivery dips in and out of the pocket as bass thumps, while Lil Uzi Vert serves up a motormouthed verse that’s as fascinating as it is focused. Then, there’s “Claymore,” which teeters between a hauntingly soulful melody and intimate verses.

“This album was difficult,” he sighs. “I love music, but I don’t like to say shit. It’s almost like a game for me. It’s like working out. I don’t want to be redundant. Redundancy in general bothers me. Any song that I make, I usually make it in about 30 minutes to an hour, and that’s it. My ideas come to me immediately.”

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