NEW DATE: The February 4th – DaveMonks show at Monarch Tavern has been rescheduled due to ongoing COVID restrictions. The new show date is now Thursday, April 14th. Previously purchased tickets will be valid for the new date.




Tokyo Police Club frontman Dave Monks is back with his sophomore solo album, I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me.

The new album is out via Ghost Pepper Records. It features a whole slew of previously released singles like “Can’t Put My Fire Out,” “Don’t Get Pushed Around,” “Change Your Mind,” “Sweet,” and “Love.” The vulnerable new record sees Monks opening up and offering insight into what makes him who he is.

“If you’re like me, then you’re never quite the same person from one day to the next,” Monks explains. “Your personality is more of an ever-changing kaleidoscope of ‘yous’ than something set in stone. I’ve embraced that for myself with this album of unlikely outliers, who are stylistically all over the map, but find a weird cohesion in their differentness. There’s so much exciting new territory in it and releasing it feels like turning a new page.”

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